Jen and Brian’s Village Club of Sands Point Wedding

Village Club of Sands Point is located in an estate known as Villa Carola that once belonged to Isaac Guggenheim, brother of Solomon Robert Guggenheim, the renowned American businessman, art collector, and philanthropist.  It is one of the most elegant and classy wedding venues in the area.  It offers an allure that’s hard to find elsewhere thanks to its rich history.

There are two major components you need to make great photos indoors: space and light.   Thanks to the design by Harold Van Buren Magonigle, a renowned architect, the space at the mansion is not just plenty but also absolutely exquisite, with an abundance of natural light pouring in through the windows and glass ceiling.  The house was built around an open court with marble floors, which is now used as the ballroom.    Every corner of this property offers beautiful photo ops, and it was such a perfect wedding for Jennifer and Brian who wanted an elegant yet unique wedding!

village club of sands point wedding photo

Venue – Village Club of Sands Point, Sands Point, NY

Wedding gown – RK Bridal

Cake artist – Momofuku Milkbar