Planning Your NYIT de Seversky Mansion Wedding

If you are considering the historic NYIT de Seversky Mansion as your wedding venue, I suggest you look no further.  It has been my all-time favorite venue since I shot there for the first time back in 2011. The gracefully decorated interior and its acres of meticulous maintained garden hasn’t changed a bit since then, and it shows how timeless this venue is.   Its aesthetics is in line with my thoughts on what the goal of wedding photography is: to preserve authentic moments in images that are timeless rather than trendy. 

Getting ready for the de Seversky Mansion wedding

All brides whose wedding I photographed at de Seversky Mansion chose to get their makeup and hair done at a location that’s off site, such as a hotel or the bride’s residence, then arrive at the venue to change into their wedding gown at the master bedroom upstairs.   Contrary to most other venues, this is exactly what I recommend for brides who are planning to get married at de Seversky Mansion. First, doing it this way will fit perfectly into the hours booked for use. Second, the master bedroom is gorgeous yet not big enough to hold a group of bridesmaids and the beauticians.  Lastly, the bridal suite will be free of clutter, perfectly ready for you to change into the wedding gown and get some nice photos while putting on final touch ups. You will still have a chance to get plenty of getting-ready-candids while sipping on some bubbly.   Scroll down for more tips on planning for de Seversky Mansion wedding photos.

de seversky mansion wedding

de seversky mansion wedding

Random tips for your de Seversky Mansion wedding:

Make full use of the interiors!  Depending on the number of guests, you may want to have the dinner served at the dining room then move the party over to the ballroom later.   The groom’s suite downstairs has nice dramatic lighting perfect for men’s portraits, and the library is excellent for wedding party and/or family portraits.

While the venue doesn’t allow sparklers, smoke bombs may be allowed for use at the field near the lake, which was the case for this couple.  

The huge outdoor garden/field is perfect for drone photography/videography.  The venue requires any vendor using a drone to be compliant with FAA regulations and Part 107 certified.  In other words, a photographer or a videographer cannot fly a drone at NYIT without proper certification obtained from the Federal Aviation Administration, so make sure you choose a photographer who has it.    Hint: we have it. :)